Providing specialized problem-solving and on-going management for foundations.

Bricks & Mortar:

Administration & Compliance

A Foundation like any organization, must address paperwork, systems, record keeping, evolving tax laws

and countless other required operational Bricks & Mortar: Administration & Compliance procedures (local, state

and federal).


If left unchecked, they can drain your Foundation
of human resources.


This is why it is so critical to have someone maintain a constant vigil over operational requirements, everything from A to Z, in an environment consistent with legal, moral and ethical standards.


Foundation Management Group, LLC is uniquely
qualified to partner in the day-to-day administration
of Foundation affairs.


This way, you have the free time and energy to focus on what's most important to you (travel, family, business) while FMG administers the Foundation, for today and tomorrow...

• On-Going Consultation

• Screen Mail & Phones

• Organize & Facilitate Meetings

• Maintain Corporate Records

• Constant Review of Changing Rules & Regulations

• Evaluation of Foundation Related Opportunities


When you partner with Foundation Management Group, LLC, you have the knowledge and confidence that there is no better way to ensure the success of your Foundation. Administration and compliance are perfect examples. You set them, you forget them, you relax. We do the rest. You expect peace-of-mind. FMG delivers.