Providing specialized problem-solving and on-going management for foundations.

Checks & Balances:

Accounting & Bookkeeping

A Foundation is a business, plain and simple.


And like every successful business, every successful Foundation requires timely, accurate, complete reports on its Checks & Balances : Accounting & Bookkeeping financial well-being. They are critical in maximizing the strength of
any Foundation.


This, in turn, unleashes the potential to meet goals
and objectives while achieving personal satisfaction.
The bottom line is complete, comprehensive record
keeping. After all, to know where you are going, you must know where you have been.


With Foundation Management Group, LLC, you rest assured knowing that all accounting and tax reporting are under control, on time, at your fingertips.


We take the responsibility off your shoulders and place
it squarely on ours. Naturally, we can work in concert with your professional advisors as situations dictate in order to make sure everything is handled seamlessly,
efficiently, accurately...

• Tax Returns & Required State Filings

• Check Writing, Bookkeeping & Account Maintenance

• Quarterly Reports (balance sheet, income statement, etc.)

• Annual Meeting & Quarterly Contact to Review Financials

• Special Reporting Compliances

• Evaluation of Foundation Related Opportunities


Monitoring, maintaining and making sense out of
financial records is only as good as the people on the
job. It's called accountability.


Foundation Management Group, LLC, need we say more?!